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2007年6月29日Analysis of a mutant collection by chlorophyll fluorescence kineticsOzaki, Hiroshi; 尾﨑, 洋史
2014年3月24日Analysis of Cortical Actin Microfilaments in Determination of Plant Cell Division Plane湖城, 恵; Kojo, Kei
2014年3月24日Analysis of molecular mechanism of single-membrane-bounded peroxisome dividing ring discovered by genomic science, and the origin of organelles in the view of their division井元, 祐太; Imoto, Yuuta
2008年3月24日Effects of high temperature stress on insect cell cycleKiuchi, Takashi; 木内, 隆史
2005年9月30日Ethylene Inhibits Abscisic Acid-Induced Stomatal Closure in Arabidopsis thalianaTanaka, Yoko; 田中, 洋子
2014年9月26日Function and regulation of minor zygotic gene activation in mouse embryos阿部, 健一郎; Abe, Kenichiro
2013年3月25日Genetic analysis of cell wall synthesis based on high-dimensional morphological phenotype of Saccharomyces cerevisiae岡田, 啓希; Okada, Hiroki
2013年6月27日Genome-wide analysis for chromatin composition of histone H2A and H3 variants in mouse embryonic stem cells湯川, 将之
2012年3月22日Involvement of Histone H3 lysine 79 methylation and Dot1L in the mechanism regulating totipotency in mouse preimplantation embryosOoga, Masatoshi; 大我, 政敏
2005年3月24日Involvement of Stat5 signaling pathway in the regulation of mouse preimplantation development中里, 款; Nakasato, Makoto
2009年3月23日Live cell imaging studies pn actin-based plant cell morphogenesisHigaki, Takumi; 桧垣, 匠
2005年3月24日Mechanism of Cortical Microtubule Reorganization in Higher Plant Cells : Studies on Tubulin Recycle and Origin of Cortical Microtubules at the M/G1 interfaceYoneda, Arata; 米田, 新
2014年3月24日Mechanism of pavement cell morphogenesis and stomatal distribution patterning in plant leaf epidermis秋田, 佳恵; Akita, Kae
2005年3月24日Mechanisms for embryonic gene activation in the 1-cell mouse embryosHara, Kentaro; 原, 賢太郎
2008年9月30日MMP-7 reactivates latent VEGF and promotes angiogenesis in the tumor environmentIto, Takashi; 伊藤, 孝
2015年3月24日Molecular genetic studies on the formation of diverse larval pigmentation patterns caused by the p multiple alleles in the silkworm.依田, 真一; Yoda, Shinichi
2005年3月24日Regulatory mechanism for the motility in hamster spermatoaKinukawa, Masashi; 絹川, 将史
2015年3月24日Stable isotopic reconstruction of breastfeeding practices in past human populations蔦谷, 匠; Tsutaya, Takumi
2014年3月24日Studies on dioecism of hermaphrodite mutants and B-class genes SlAP3X/Y deletion mutants in the dioecious plant Silene latifolia青沼, 航; Aonuma, Wataru
2015年3月24日Systematic analysis of Ca(2+)-regulatory mechanisms based on chemical-genetic interaction profiles of Saccharomyces cerevisiae吉田, 光範; Yoshida, Mitsunori
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