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About UTokyo Repository

QWhat is "Institutional Repository"?
AAn "Institutional Repository" is a system where research results produced at a university or research institution are stored electronically and disseminated generally via internet. For more information, see "About UTokyo Repository".
QIs there any kind of Institutional Repository besides UTokyo Repository?
AAs of April 2013, there are over 3300 Institutional Repositories across the world. You can find them through "Repository of Open Access Repositories".

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For Use

QWho has copyrights of items in UTokyo Repository?
AAll items (articles, etc.) in UTokyo Repository are protected by copyright. Each item's author or publisher holds its copyright.
QCan I use items in UTokyo Repository freely?
ANot freely. Only when you comply with the Copyright Law of Japan, you can use them. For example, you can copy or quote from an item in UTokyo Repository, only for personal use and scholarly or educational purpose, and so on.
QWhat should I do? If I want to reuse an item in UTokyo Repository beyond the limits of proper usage.
AAuthors or publishers hold their article copyright. Please get permission from copyright holder to reuse them. It is not nesesarry to contact us for reusing repository items that copy right holders permit you to reuse it.
QAre there any restriction to use UTokyo Repository?
ALarge scale systematic search and download of items in UTokyo Repository are prohibited. Besides, disrupting the service of UTokyo Repository is prohibited.
QAm I required any registration for using UTokyo Repository?
ANot required. The items in UTokyo Repository are open to all people.
QCan I find all of the reserch results produced at the University of Tokyo in UTokyo Repository?
ANo. Some of them can not be open through UTokyo Repository due to lack of permission from publishers or other copyright holders.
QCan I receive an e-mail notice when new contents are added?
AYou can use RSS feeds.
QCan I link to UTokyo Repository from my website?
AYou are free to link to UTokyo Repository. If you use a URI of each contents (i.e. http://repository.dl.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/dspace/handle/2261/***), the link will not be broken because UTokyo Repository adopts handle system.
QIn what way does each content opend through UTokyo Repository?
ABefore open each content through UTokyo Repository, we seek the copyright owners' permission. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us (ir-support*lib.u-tokyo.ac.jp)(Change * to @).
QDoes any software needed to read the full-text of contents?
AIt depends on the types of contents. Many of them are PDF files and you need Adobe reader. You can download it from: Get Adobe Reader

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For Deposit

QWho can deposit items to UTokyo Repository?
ACurrent faculty and graduate students of the University of Tokyo. Past members can deposit research results produced when they are affiliated with the University of Tokyo.
QWhat can I deposit to UTokyo Repository?
AResearch results such as journal articles, doctral theses, master theses, preprints, working papers, discussion papers, technical reports, conference papers, research papers, bulletin papers, learning objects, etc. When to deposit a content, you are required to consent to open it freely worldwide via Internet.
QWhat file type may I send?
APDF files are appreciated.
QDo you mind if I send texts and figures in different files?
AWe do not mind.
QHow do you set security settings of PDF files?
ASecurity settings are:
  • Do not allow to change texts.
  • Do not allow to copy texts, graphics, and other contents.
  • Allow to print.
  • However, no security settings apply for doctral theses accepted after April 2013.
QCan I deposit articles which I wrote as a member of another institution?
AYes, you can. If the institution holds the copyright, we will contact them.
QShould I assign a copyright to UTokyo Repository when I deposit articles to it?
ANo. Authors or publishers hold the copyright.
QIf I deposit an article which published by some journal or book, who will contact the publisher?
AWe will contact the publisher. Please understand that we can not open your article through UTokyo Repository because the publisher not permit it.
QCan I specify the date of opening my dissertation through UTokyo Repository?
AYes, you can (excludes doctral theses accepted after April 2013). Please mention it in the document, Agreement on permission.
QI would like to set the part of title in italic type.
AI am sorry but the system not allow us to do it. Similarly, Chemical symbols, superscripts and subscripts can not displayed.

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