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I. About "UTokyo Repository"

 The University of Tokyo (UTokyo) released "UTokyo Repository" as a system that offered world-class research findings be produced by UTokyo, in April, 2006.
 In the repository, various research findings - Theses, Articles, Research Reports, Preprints, Educational Resources etc.- is digitized, preserved, and offered world-wide.

 Advantage in which thesis is registered

 Each one thesis is preserved by the National Diet Library and the Univ. of Tokyo Library (general library or faculty/institution libraries). However, the method of obtaining these is limited. For example, visiting the library or partial copy.
 By digitizing the thesis and registering it in the "UTokyo Repository", it is caught all over the world researcher's attention.



 The major target is a Doctoral Dissertation. In the case of a Master's thesis, follow the policy in the belonging graduate school, please.

 From 2013(fiscal year)

Degree regulations have changed April 2013. All doctoral theses accepted after April 2013 should be registered to this repository. Please ask to your department office about how to submit.
 Doctoral thesis and author's rights
Please follow old procedures(campus access only) for the other doctoral theses accepted before March 2013.

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