The flow of registration

The general flow of registration of your research findings is as follows.

1. Send agreement
Confirm "Requirements for Permission of Utilizing Papers Presented to the UTokyo Repository (PDF)". And afterwards, send "General Document of Permission (RTF)" (If you want to register thesis or dissertation, please use"Document of Permission for thesis or dissertation"(WORD reference(WORD))to Digital Library Section. You can send the agreement at the same time as sending the file of research findings.

Please check the publisher's copyright policy about publication of a journal article through an institutional repository.The policy can be found in copyright permission agreement or publisher's website, and so on.repository OK?
2. Send the file of your research findings
Send the file of your research findings as attached file to e-mail. Or send the strage media such as CD-R recorded the file by internal mail. If you want to add more information at publication through UTokyo Repository, send the text data containing the information, such as keywords, abstract and others.
3. Check and registration of the file of your research findings
The staff of Digital Library Section check the publisher's copyright policy again. Afterwards, the staff impart metadata to the article and register the article to UTokyo Repository.
check register
4. Confirm the result of registration
The e-mail from Digital Library Section inform you about the result of registration. Confirm the contents of the item in UTokyo Repository.
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